Meadowsweet Midwifery
About the Midwives

photo by Nicole Dolan

Sarah and Lisa serve as collaborating midwives in a model of care that provides the continuity and relationship of a single midwife with the safety and support of two trained care providers. Clients each have a "primary midwife" who coordinates her care and conducts most prenatal and postpartum appointments. The other midwife is a "support midwife" who attends at least one prenatal appointment, the birth, and a postpartum appointment and is available as backup. The result is focused care from one midwife with the reassurance of two Certified Professional Midwives attending births and a familiar backup always on call.

About Sarah

As a traditional midwife and herbalist, I am committed to offering holistic, family-centered care for women and babies throughout the childbearing year. Midwifery called to me early: when I was nine years old, my aunt had a home birth. Her description of the loving care from her midwife and the beauty and empowerment of her birth experience spoke to a deep calling I felt to serve families during this special time. I believe that birth and the immediate postpartum period are important, even pivotal, in a woman's relationship with her body and in a new child's perception of the world. It is a joy and a privilege to be present at each and every birth I am invited to attend. I have served State College, Penns Valley, Lewisburg, and the surrounding areas since 2005, supporting local families at over 400 births as they achieve the safe, natural experience they have planned and worked for. I see my role as a midwife to provide education and individualized care, nurturing a woman's understanding of her own body wisdom and supporting a family in decision-making true to their own needs and values. read more


About Lisa

I attended my first birth 4 months after beginning my midwifery education. Since then I have been present at about 300 births. Each one has been a unique and remarkable event and a privilege to attend. I believe that homebirth can and should be an option for healthy women experiencing a normal, low risk pregnancy. I also believe that a childbearing experience that is safe, and respectful of the individual autonomy of women, their babies and their families, is a basic human right. In addition, I feel that pregnancy and birth have the capacity to be powerful, even transformative experiences that can complement a family's commitment to living their lives according to their values. When a woman is able to choose a safe and comfortable location, assemble a supportive birth team, and work with a care provider who is simultaneously able to trust birth and remain alert, she and her family have the opportunity to experience these events in the way that best suits them. read more

If you know one of the midwives personally, feel free to contact her directly. Otherwise, you can send a general inquiry and we will help you find the midwife who is the best fit for you and your family.